Home Ownership

It is possible to use your Section 8 voucher to help you pay for a home of your own. We can work together to develop a personalized action plan leading to an improved credit score, the money you need for pre-purchase costs, and a down payment. You can learn how to make a good purchasing decision and take care of your home so you have an asset that will last you a lifetime and beyond.

There are programs available to help you save the money you need. The Special Programs Coordinator can connect you to the programs and help you identify the resources that will aid you in achieving your dream of owning a home.

For up to 15 years, the Home Ownership Voucher will pay a portion of your mortgage based on the household income. During that time, the Coordinator will help you identify the steps you need to take so you'll be able to manage the entire mortgage when the assistance period ends. (For Elderly and Disabled households there is no time limit on the mortgage assistance.)

If you'd like to look into the possibility of turning dream into reality, complete the Home Ownership Program Pre-Qualifier form located at the right side of this page or contact the Special Programs Coordinator.

Home Ownership Program Pre-Qualifier Form

Special Programs Coordinator:
Brenda Hausner
503-994-5031 ext. 109