Information for Clients

PBV Applicants

NOHA has now opened wait lists for two Project Based Voucher (PBV) properties, Champion Park in Tillamook and Broadleaf Arbor in St. Helens.

Current HCV wait list applicants can apply for one or both PBV wait lists if interested. Your current HCV wait list position will not be negatively impacted by the choice to apply or not apply for any PBV wait list(s). As an existing HCV wait list applicants you must update and confirm your interest in remaining on the HCV wait list and whether you are interested in applying for none, one, or both PBV wait lists. Update can be done by submitting an updated pre-application (see the Forms page) or by completing and returning the update form. Failure to respond will result in your name being withdrawn from the HCV wait list without right of appeal. You are eligible to reapply for the Section 8 HCV wait list and will be added in order based on the date and time your new wait list application is received.

HCV Applicants

Per HUD regulations, NOHA maintains one Housing Choice Voucher program wait list. Every applicant’s position on the wait list is determined by the original date and time the completed pre-application was received by NOHA. When NOHA has vouchers available, applicants are selected from the wait list in date/time order. As we indicated on our website previously, we are aware of a technical issue that was causing position numbers to display incorrectly. That issue is resolved and the number you see now is the correct position number. NOHA has been and will continue to select applicants from the wait list in proper date/time order.

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